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How to download the Alexa app on Echo Show 5?

Got a new Amazon Echo Show 5 device and looking forward to completing its setup? After you get the device home, unbox it and set up Alexa for Windows 10. In this guide, we will be sharing the simple instructions that let you complete the Echo Show 5 setup. 

Things You Need: 
  • PC/Laptop/MAC/Tablet. 
  • Internet Router with Wireless Capabilities. 
  • Internet Services. 
  • Amazon Account. 
 Initial Echo Show 5 Setup Guidelines 
  • Download Alexa for Windows 10 Computer or MAC or Smartphone Tablet. You can download the application form supported app store or google play store. You can also download the online from
  • Once you have downloaded the application, find a spot to place your Echo device (your device must be eight inches away or more from any window or wall). 
  • Once you have turned on the Echo Show device, you must hear the Alexa saying ( Hello, Your Echo Shoe Device is all set for the setup). 
  • In the next step, you need to choose the preferred language. 
    • Choose Language. 
    • Get connected to a wireless network ( Must have Wireless Key Code/Password). 
    • Confirm Time Zone. 
    • Log in to the Amazon account ( it must be the same as the account you are having on your smartphone). 
    • Read the accept the Terms and Conditions of Echo Show. 
  • If any firmware update available, the screen will show you the ‘Update Ready’ message. Click on the ‘Install’ Now option on the screen. The Firmware installation process will take just a few minutes, you have to wait until the notification displays on your screen saying that update is now complete. 

Note: Once you have installed the updates on the device, an ‘Introducing Echo Show Video’ will become available and make you're familiar with some of its supported features. Once you have viewed the video, Alexa will say ‘ Your Echo Show is ready’. 

Useful Tips to Use Amazon Echo Show 5: 

Using the Echo Show device is simple as using the smartphone. Here are some useful tips that may improve your Echo experience: 

  •  You can change the Wake work using Alexa for Windows 10 via an application installed on your PC. Open the ‘Settings’ and choose Echo Show as a tour device. Now, scroll down to ‘Wake Word’. Choose the one as per your choice and click on the Save button. 
  • Now, you can talk to the Amazon Echo Show device by giving the commands or asking the questions. If your Echo Show device recognizes your question, it will share a verbal response with you and show you the outcome or execute the task for you. 
  • While speaking to the Amazon Echo device, prefer to use the natural tone. With time Alexa becomes familiar with the speech patterns of customers. 
  • If you are using the touchscreen, you can take advantage of the same scrolling and tapping method for navigating the tablet or smartphone screen. 
  • You can use the Amazon Alexa and control Echo Shoe device anytime from anyplace using the smartphone. 
 So, these are some simple instructions that will let you download Alexa for Windows 10 for Amazon Echo Show 5 device. The steps are pretty simple and easy to follow. In case, you still have a doubt or any other concern related to the setup, you can contact the experts and seek their assistance to fix the problem.


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